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Our pet memorial markers offer a timeless tribute to your beloved pets, with both pre-designed options and custom designs available. We can also create personalized markers using rocks that you bring in, ensuring a unique and heartfelt remembrance for your furry friends.

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Pay Tribute To Your Pet With A Pet Memorial Marker

Within a monument, is the essence of a cherished loved one. By maintaining your monuments in pristine condition, you pay homage to their significance and ensure that the memories endure the test of time. At Chattanooga Monument Company, we possess the expertise and methods required to rejuvenate your monuments, restoring them to their original magnificence. Whether your monuments are constructed from granite or bronze, we have the knowledge and care to bring them back to life.

Chattanooga Monument Company proudly provides granite and bronze headstone, memorial, and grave marker restoration services in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area.

Headstone Restoration Services


Chattanooga Monument Company carefully lifts the memorial stone from its current base to address any issues or damage. After addressing any issues with stabilization, the monument is realigned and placed with precision, allowing it to stand strong for generations to come.


When repairing a monument, Chattanooga Monument Company addresses issues such as cracks, fractures, and weather-related damage. This process involves utilizing specialized techniques to mend the monument’s surfaces, in turn restoring structural integrity and beauty.


Removing growth, such as moss, lichen, and other natural elements, from a headstone is a crucial step in restoration. Through the use of appropriate cleaning  methods, Chattanooga Monument Company not only prolongs the headstone’s lifespan but also showcases its cherished memory.


At Chattanooga Monument Company, we carefully reattach plaques, images, and decorative elements to their initial placements. Our team undertakes this process with precision and delicacy to ensure the lasting preservation of the monument’s essence and its enduring significance.


Why is cleaning a headstone or monument important?

Cleaning and restoring monuments or headstones is crucial to preserve their visual appeal, historical significance, and structural integrity. Over time, natural elements and even vandalism can tarnish monuments, hindering their ability to convey their intended messages and honor the past.

Can I clean a monument myself?

For a simple cleaning, you can absolutely do it yourself. We sell the appropriate cleaning solution, D/2, and are happy to provide guidance.

Will cleaning harm the monument?

When handled by experienced professionals like Chattanooga Monument Company, cleaning will not harm monuments. In fact, it extends their life. Modern restoration techniques prioritize the monument’s preservation, ensuring the cleaning process is safe for the material and historical value.

How often should monuments be cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning depends on factors like the monument’s material, location, and exposure to elements. Generally, monuments benefit from cleaning every few years to maintain their appearance and extend their lifespan.

Can you remove stains and discoloration from monuments?

Yes, Chattanooga Monument Company can effectively remove stains, discoloration, and weathering from monuments. Techniques such as specialized cleaning agents and controlled abrasion can restore the monument’s original color and appearance.

Is it possible to repair a damaged or cracked monument?

Absolutely, damaged or cracked monuments can be repaired and restored to their former glory. Chattanooga Monument Company has the skills to assess the damage and the tools to perform a restoration process that strengthens the monument while preserving its value.

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