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Featured Granite Memorials

  • Johnson Upright Monument
  • Flowers Upright Monument
  • Fernenza Upright Monument
  • Kozwalski Upright Monument
  • J Hamilton Upright Monument
  • Davison Upright Monument

Featured Bronze Memorials

  • PD 44x14 classic rose 3 NV
  • 44x14 pine bough scrolls fixed
  • 44x14 oak leaf 2 scrolls fixed
  • 44x14 country rose scrolls fixed

About Us

Thank you for visiting us online. Chattanooga Monument Company is proud to have served the Greater Chattanooga Area since 2013. We are a family owned and operated business with a long history of cemetery research, restorations, and genealogical research since 1994.

Memorial Restoration

Whether you purchase your bronze from us or someone else. Our restoration team can bring it back to its former glory, just like the day you bought it.